शुक्रवार, 13 जून 2014

गिलोयका उपयोगी योग -गिलोयघनवटी

- fresh Giloy  wash the stalks thoroughly cleaned. Now the small - small pieces and make Yvkut, now a clean - clean brass or iron in the pan, pour water four times, while the remaining four parts of the decoction three - four times Kpd Drain well, it now Other Clean - clean dishes Pakayen on low flame until it should be slightly thick, then it should be able to make a shot from the fires Uthar bike, now its 250 mg mg tablets are dried in the sun to keep making sure that oneGiloygnvti Designed, feel free to use any type of fever, leukorrhea, indigestion, Animic and for vulnerable patients, it is not a safe alternative medicine.